WWII-Eastern fron re-enactments

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WWII-Eastern fron re-enactments

СообщениеАвтор: Karhu » 14.03.2012, 22:36

Privet - Hello - Terve!

I am part of a Finnish Army re-enactment society - 5 Ilves (5 Lynx Division). This unit fought in Eastern Karelia along the River Svir in the Continuation War 1941-44.

We are very interested in any kind of re-enactments, events and contacts on the same subject.

You can find us here:


Or on Facebook:

Search for: 5 Ilves

Hope to establish contact.

All the best - dozvidanniya!

Joacim Nieminen
All the best - Terveisin - Pokaa

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Re: WWII-Eastern fron re-enactments

СообщениеАвтор: Orlangur » 15.03.2012, 22:28

Hello Karhu.

We welcome you to our forum.

You make many events by WWII. You can see description our events on our site (unfortunately only in Russian).
You may be interested in the event of the talvisota ja jatkosota such as this or this
Announcements of our events can be found here or on the forum

For contact, you can write us private message (user Orlangur or Timmo) or email (orlangur(a)epoha-union.org or jp4(a)yandex.ru)
Делай добро и беги Рисунок

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